MRS Remeex System 

The lifetime readjustable system for SUI


The Lifetime Re-Adjustable System

The MRS Remeex is the Lifetime Re-Adjustable sling for Male Stress Urinary Incontinence. With this procedure, surgeon can adjust the sling urethral support whenever needed during patient's lifetime.

This system has three major steps, that provide lifetime continence to the patient:

1- Surgery: The MRS Remeex is placed in the OR.

2- Post-op Adjustment: 24-48h after the intervention the system is adjusted to give the exact urethral support level needed.

3- Re-Adjustment: If at any moment, during patient's lifetime, he is incontinent again, surgeon can adjust the sling urethral support easily. After this adjustment, patient will be continent again. This re-adjustment can be performed whenever needed, every time it is necessary.

Advantages of using the MRS Remeex

-Excellent outcome (Lifetime Readjustable)

-Physiological voiding

-Pressure Transmission System

Dynamic pressure transmission system

When coughing, the patient advances the rectus muscle, advancing the varitensor, and increasing the sling urethral support while it’s needed. This reconstructs the intra-abdominal pressure transmission system of normal continent patients.

The readjustment is made while the patient is standing up and making the efforts that drives him to incontinence. The sling adjustment is made step by step (checking continence every three turns of the manipulator). When the patient is continent we know that three turns before he was incontinent. The system facilitates reaching continence avoiding retention.