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The Continence Company

Neomedic is a company specialized on urinary incontinence, prolapse and agenesia treatmentFounded more than 20 years ago, Neomedic International is a company totally focused on providing the Medical field with added value surgical methods, for Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and other Pelvic Floor Disorders. Solutions and innovative products, which improve physician’s quality of work as well as patient’s quality of life.

The most important value for Neomedic is the People. Customers and patients are in our mind in every decision and action we take, from product design to long term product performance, clinicians and patients are always first. 

Neomedic has a talented  group  of professionals in the OR on a daily basis to understand the surgeon’s needs to better treat patient’s conditions. Our passion is to listen to our customers and help them by converting their needs to useful products for better patient care.

Neomedic has fully  integrated  manufacturing facility with all technologies that act also as a flexible R & D resource. We are the fastest company in converting ideas to real products.

At Neomedic we are proud to be the Continence Company providing with truly unique solutions for real problems that Urologist and Gynecologists face every day. In this website you will find excellent unique products included in the Contasure Family that will help you to provide real successful treatments that match your professional level. 

Words like responsibility, efficiency, innovation, are part of Neomedic Philosophy; we are proud to be your partner and that our partners consider us their Continence Company.