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Re-Adjustable sling for urinary incontinence

What does "Dynamic Pressure Transmission System" means?

When a patient coughs the intra abdominal pressure increases. This pressure squeezes the bladder inducing urine leakage. In a continent patient the intra abdominal pressure is also transmitted to the urethra, and the urethra is collapsed agains the pelvic floor matching the bladder pressure and maintaining continence. In incontinent patients the pelvic floor do not support enough the urethra to collapse it and match the bladder pressure under stress.

The Remeex System is not only designed to be adjustable, but also to recover the dynamic pressure transmision system, to make patients continent. 

When coughing, the abdominal muscles shrink, moving forward the varitensor. The varitensor is connected to the traction threads and the suburethral sling. This means that when the patient coughs, the sling provides extra support to the urethra, which is over the abdominal wall. With this movement, the mesh press the urethra and avoids loosing urine. Once the effort is over, the mesh stops pressing the urethra.