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Urinary Incontinence

The Reliable Lifetime Adjustable System
MRS II Remeex System
Male Remeex Urinary Incontinence Solution

Imagine a system that can ensure that you never again need surgery. Imagine a system that can be readjusted whenever you need it, assuring always your continence.

This system is the MRS II System (Male Remeex System), the definitive solution for male urinary incontinence. Remeex System with more than 20 years of experience, the solution offers only one exactly adjustable to the needs of the patient.

This system is the recommended one for those cases that need an artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) or cases where conservative options have failed.

The MRS II System allows the physician to adjust the pressure in the urethra mesh whenever necessary, to ensure continence. With this simple video you'll understand the benefits that the system offers Remeex.