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Urinary Incontinence

Single Insicion Benefits, Long Term Proven TOT Results
Needleless® System

The Needleless System is a single incision sling, for female Stress Urinary Incontinence minimally invasive treatment.

Single Incision advantages

-Similara results as TOT traditional slings.

-Single Incision surgical technique means no skin incisions, no groin pain, short intervention, possibility of local anesthesia and a better post-op comfort.

-All Single Incision slings except the Needleless, are considered Mini Slings. Mini Slings have less success rate compared to traditional slings and to Needleless.

-In addition, the Needleless is the only Single Incision transobturator sling fully adjustable at surgery bilateral and bidirectional to adapt it to patient’s body.