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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

The Adjustable Pelvic Floor Repair System
Surelift (Vaginal Prolapse) (*)

[(*) This product is not available in the US market]

In the world, an estimated 34 million women are affected by pelvic organ prolapse. Normally surgeons place meshes in the patient's pelvic floor to try to solve this problem. But common prolapse meshes can have two potential problems that you should know:

1- Short vaginas: if the mesh is not well fixed, because of the normal shrinkage of the mesh inside the body, it can provoke the shortening of the vagina.

2- Erosion: if the mesh is not well fixed and well placed, there can be some wrinkles that can erosion internal tissues.

The Surelift Sustem is designed to solve any type of prolapse in women minimizing this two major potential problems.

The Surelift System is the new generation of meshes against pelvic floor prolapse. This is the first mesh that allows 6 points of fixation. Two of this points are in the sacrospinous ligament (the most firm and important ligament to fix the mesh). This ligament is a key place to anchor prolapse meshes, but normally it has been a complicated place to arrive. Neomedic developed the Anchorsure System, a system that allows an easy arriving to the sacrospinous ligament.

This is the process to follow to place a Surelift mesh: