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Urinary Incontinence

Place it, Adjust it, and if it is necessary, Readjust it.
TRT Remeex System
The only readjustable solution in the world

The TRT Female Remeex System is the only long term fully readjustable sling available. All the other slings don't have the ability to be readjusted whenever needed after surgery to assure your continence. 

Why is adjustability so relevant?

Every patient is unique, is almost impossible to assure that you will have the propper urethral support with a fixed sling, to become continent and no retentionist.

The adjustability will give your doctor the ability to adjust the sling urethral support to your needs while you are standing up and doing the efforts that drive you to incontinence, and if your body changes during your life, your doctor will be able to readjust it again to recover continence.