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Anchorsure - Anchoring system: Outcomes and safety profile in vaginal reconstructive surgery


AnchorSure - versatile tissue anchoring system (Neomedic International) allowing the surgeon utilize synthetic or biologic graft as well as to modify the shape and the size of the graft to patients pelvic dimensions providing excellent support of all 3 levels. 300 patients meeting criteria for mesh- augmented repair have been operated in between 2010 and 2012 with follow up between up to 48 months.


clusion criteria for mesh-augmented repair were unilateral or bilateral avulsion of Levator Ani and/or ballooning of Levator Ani. All patients were evaluated by physical examination (PE) and vaginal 360º ultrasound prior to surgery and PE only thereafter. POP-Q stage, compartment failure and avulsion of Levator Ani were established. Monofilament Polypropylene mesh was used and tailored in trapezoid shape with 6 arms (3 on each side), just as SureLift pelvic repair system. 3 different meshes were used. Prolene-Soft™, Novasilk and Restorelle. AnchorSure - tissue anchoring system was used to attach proximal arms to the sacro-spinous ligaments. Middle arms were brought through arcus tendineous at the level of ischial spines and distal arms at the insertion of arcus tendineous into inner portion of pubic bone. Both middle and distal arms were brought out through obturator foramen.


AnchorSure -tissue anchoring system (Neomedic International) provides safe and effective repair of genital prolapse in patient population with very high risk of failure without use of graft augmentation. Versatility of the AnchorSure allows adjusting synthetic or biological graft according to the shape and size of the pelvis with very small risk to compromise anatomical or functional results.

E. Kaplan

Advanced Gynecologic Surgery

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