Products marked with an asterisk (*) are not available in the US market

Pelvic Mesh (*)

Neomedic International manufactures two types of meshes: Neomesh Pelvic and Neopore Pelvic.

All Neomedic meshes are macroporus, monofilament for maximum biocompatibility and minimal infection risk.

Neomesh Pelvic Mesh

eomesh has a density of 40 gr/m2 and a porosity of 50%. It offers maximum support and manageability to avoid wrinkles and minimize erosion. Recommended for severe prolapse cases.



Neopore Pelvic MeshNeopore has a density of 32 gr/m2 and a porosity of 66%. The Neopore mesh is softer and has less polypropylene surface in contact with tissue, minimizing the potential inflammatory reaction. It maintains an adequate support and manageability properties. Recommended for mild to moderate prolapse cases.


 (*) This product is not available in the US market