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The Minimally Invasive Treatment for the Rokitansky Syndrome.

Vaginal Agenesia treatment by Viecchietti procedure, with AGERS SystemAGERS is the treatment option for Vaginal Agenesis. Also known as Rokitansky Syndrome, Vaginal Agenesis is the congenital malformation characterized by the absence of vaginal duct. Agenesis can result in a missing uterus and fallopian tubes and variable malformations of the upper portion of the vagina. 

Treatment option

is designed for Agenesia treatment by the Vecchietti procedure, consisting in a laparoscopic surgical technique that produces a vagina of dimensions (depth and width) comparable to those of a normal vagina (ca. 8.0 cm. deep).

Procedure. A small, plastic sphere (“olive”) is sutured against the vaginal area; the threads are drawn though the vaginal skin, up through the abdomen, and through the navel. There, the threads are attached to a traction device, and then daily are drawn tight so that the “olive” is pulled inwards and stretches the vagina, by approximately 1.0 cm. per day, thereby creating a vagina, approximately 7.0 cm. deep by 7.0 cm. wide, in 7 days. The mean operating room (OR) time for the Vecchietti vaginoplasty is approximately 45 minutes; yet, depending upon the patient and her indications, the procedure might require more time.

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